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  • WBI Request for Innovation – Commercialization

    June 21, 2016

    April 4, 2016 – Updated June 20, 2016

    Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) invites researchers, inventors, makers, and technologists to submit their ideas for solving problems in these commercial markets:

    • Precision Agriculture (April)
    • Electric Energy (June)
    • Human Performance Enhancement (Aug)
    • Monitoring of Micro and/or Macro Environments (Oct)

    To share your idea with the WBI team, click on the “Blue Paper Response Template” here: The Blue Paper is not meant to make you blue! It is short, to the point.  Fill out the paper the best you can since this is meant to initiate a dialog with our team.  If the concept is a fit to the market’s need, we will assist in helping to flesh out the information needed to take the concept to market.

    • Please keep your Blue Paper at the non-proprietary level.
    • Email your Blue Paper to or
    • Our team will follow up with you for a deeper discussion about your technology and potential solution.

    Papers will be accepted anytime in any of the four market areas, but formal evaluation of blue papers for each market area, will begin within 30-days of the launch-collider for each market. So, it’s best to have your blue paper submitted within 30-days of the collider date, because these early papers may be given priority. Requests for Innovation (RFI) in all commercial market areas will be announced at:

    The Dayton Region has strong research assets, including the $4 billion spent annually by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) on R&D, the strong concentration of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) companies, university research, and startup companies. In 2013, under our Tec^Edge Ventures initiative, WBI teamed with SP Global, Inc. to pioneer a market-pull commercialization process that bridges commercialization “valleys of death” by connecting technology from AFRL and other regional players to market demand. In its first two projects, Tec^Edge Ventures successfully supported the formation of high potential, high tech startups (CoreSyte, Inc and GlobalFlyte, Inc). We are now looking to scale-up the number of commercialization projects that we undertake. This will be done in 2016 and 2017 as part of the recent grant award to Wright State University from the Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA).  To learn more about WBI’s pilot project, go here:


    Our experienced team mentors your team…from concept to launch. Using the market-pull commercialization process of Tec^Edge Ventures, WBI will convene user groups to determine the viability of your technology or concept as a market solution, identify potential development partners, and further refine concepts as needed to take them to market. You or your organization can participate as a prime client leading the commercialization venture, as a development team member providing capabilities in technology, prototyping, manufacturing, etc., or as a network support member in areas such as financing, legal, accounting, sales, etc.



    The agriculture industry impacts food, energy, and water supplies – the most critical and foundational building blocks of a thriving economy.  Agriculture technology includes drones, satellite and imagery, software, robotics, irrigation, hardware, and sensors as the industry mitigates risks around challenges such as fungus, weeds, insects, water, and other threats to crops. Formal evaluation of blue papers began April 24, 2016. For more detail, click “Agricultural Initiative” at this link:

    Electricity enables nearly everything the world does. As demand grows, humanity must be smarter about conserving usage, and finding new, sustainable and cheaper sources for generating, distributing and storing electricity for applications on the grid, in micro-grids, and in autonomous tool, transportation, and small devices. Formal evaluation of blue papers will begin July 25, 2016. For more detail, click “Energy Initiative” at this link:

    As the world becomes more complex, the demands on human performance continue to increase. Athletic endeavors, military requirements, continuing independence into one’s later years are all examples of market-driven needs for human performance enhancement. Strength, speed, endurance, vigilance, multi-tasking, mental-acuity, and recovery are all enhancement opportunities of interest. Formal evaluation of blue papers will begin on TBD September 2016. For more detail, click “Human Performance Initiative” at this link:

    Situational awareness is critical in an increasingly complex and, sometimes, dangerous world. Knowing what’s generally in our water, air, food and soil are all essential to our health and well-being. But, knowing what conditions exist immediately around our person, car or micro-environment are more and more possible and desirable as well. Sensors, algorithms, software, apps, micro-electronics, novel communications protocols, and aggregating and multiplexing capabilities are all desirable. Formal evaluation of blue papers will begin on TBD November 2016. For more detail, click “Environmental Monitoring” at this link:


    Click Here to download a full copy of the RFI.


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