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  • The Tec^Edge Innovation and Collaboration Center includes several Discovery Labs that are dedicated to AFRL experimentation and research projects.

    Like the majority of our work, Discovery Lab projects often involve collaboration with university, industry and other government researchers. The Discovery Labs are also home to the Summer at the Edge (SATE) and Year at the Edge (SATE) Student Intern Programs that bring high school to PhD level students together to tackle challenging research problems.

    To learn how to support or become involved in AFRL’s SATE & YATE Research Programs as a sponsor or mentor, click the button below.

    For more information on our research and experimenting capabilities, click the button below.

    Case Studies

    GRILL TeamAircraft Power/Thermal Modeling and SimulationMulti-Mode Data Collection
    Summer at the Edge (SATE) Student ResearchVirtual Discovery LabMilitary Use Cases for Virtual Worlds