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    Jim Heitner
    Technology Transfer Officer

    Technology Transfer at WBI is bi-directional. We are constantly seeking game-changing technologies no matter where these technologies are developed.

    When we find innovations that originated in the private sector or within academia, we work to connect those technologies to the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and to the Department of Defense. We refer to this as “spinning-in” technology.

    The AFRL often develops and patents technologies for specific military applications that incidentally have other non-military uses. In this case we work with the Technology Transfer Officers at AFRL to identify applications and private organizations to spin this technology out so that tax-payers can benefit from the innovations their dollars have made possible.

    To facilitate these “spin-in” and “spin-out” goals, WBI Technology Transfer facilitates and hosts several Innovation and Commercialization Forums each year. Each forum focuses on a specific technology area. Key participants from Government, Academia and Private Sector Organizations come together face-to-face to cultivate focus, collaboration, inspiration and advancement of cutting-edge technologies as well as mutually beneficial relationships.

    Additionally, in order to help organizations commercialize promising innovations, WBI Technology Transfer assists in making connections with other organizations who can assist with mentoring, funding, prototyping, marketing, licensing, manufacturing, distribution and other critical business functions.

    If your organization has game-changing technology that you believe may have military application or if your organization is in need of technology that may have been developed within AFRL or the Department of Defense, please contact the WBI Technology Transfer Office at 937-424-8677 or

    For more information visit our Leveraging Technology page under Our Work.


    Introducing the AFRL Technology Transfer Lecture Series: