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    WBI’s Tec^Edge Innovation and Collaboration Center (Tec^Edge ICC) provides an exciting environment for government, industry, and academia to meet and work in collaborative teams, workshops, and forums.

    This year 12,000 people will use the facility to tackle complex R&D problems, improve organizational processes, build teams and receive training.

    Tec^Edge ICC’s culture of collaborative innovation is immediately apparent as you enter our spacious, centralized café. Branching off the café, Tec^Edge offers a variety of easily reconfigurable “collaboratories” equipped with LCD projectors, laptops, and ample whiteboard space to enhance collaboration. In addition, the Dayton AFRL Halo Telepresence Studio is housed at Tec^Edge to offer “face-to-face” meetings without the time and cost of travel. The entire center offers wireless access and VTC capabilities.

    The IDEA Lab and our Discovery Labs are two unique capabilities hosted within Tec^Edge ICC that help solve complex high-technology and R&D challenges by exploring complex problems and experimenting.

    IDEA Lab

    The IDEA Lab provides innovation products and services to collaboratively explore problem and solution spaces for technologies, insights, solutions, and partnerships.

    Resident Teams

    WBI brings together multidisciplinary, joint teams to reside in the Tec^Edge environment for a few weeks to one or more years, allowing for intense collaboration on a specific challenge or opportunity.  For examples or current/recent resident teams and other projects conducted at WBI visit our experimenting page.


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