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  • WBI offers two unique environments and five capabilities and services that foster R&D collaborations and technology innovation.

    We also reach out to a world-wide network of innovators to energize R&D collaborations and technology transfer in aerospace, advanced materials and manufacturing, human performance, sensors, and environmental technologies.

    Two Environments

    Tec^Edge Innovation &
    Collaboration Center
    Tec^Edge Works
    As one of WBI’s two centers, Tec^Edge ICC is a unique, neutral, and collaborative environment for government, industry, and academia teams to use to solve complex challenges. As our second of two centers, Tec^Edge Works serves as a collaborative environment for hands-on rapid prototyping among government, industry and academia.
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    Five Capabilities

    Located at Tec^Edge ICC, the IDEA Lab provides innovation products and services to collaboratively explore problem and solution spaces for technologies, insights, solutions, and partnerships.Also located at Tec^Edge ICC, WBI’s Resident Labs bring together multidisciplinary, joint teams into the Tec^Edge environment for a few weeks to one or more years, allowing for intense collaboration on a specific challenge or opportunity.

    IDEA Lab
    Resident Labs
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    Rapid Prototyping at Tec^Edge Works
    Ideation, Collaboration, &
    Facilitation at Tec^Edge ICC
    Our 25,000 sq ft Tec^Edge Works facility is a high tech “monster garage” for rapidly prototyping and testing everything from unmanned air vehicles to electronic surveillance systems. Our 25,000 sq ft Tec^Edge Innovation and Collaboration Center is used by 12,000 collaborators from government, industry and academia each year.
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    Tech Transfer
    We are constantly seeking game-changing technologies from the private sector or academia that can be “spun in” to the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the Department of Defense for military applications. We also work to “spin out” technologies developed by AFRL to businesses and the public sector.
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